Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Kirstin Ross


Spiritual Medium Kirstin Ross

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I had the pleasure of having a reading done with Kirstin. I had a lot of questions answered, and connected with my father and loved ones that truly gave me chills.

From the moment our conversation started to the moment it ended, I sat in awe of her ability. The details she gave me of my loved ones was something that is unforgettable. Whether it be a memory, song, smell or action, it made me know my loved ones are always with me.

Thank you for giving me the chance to reconnect with my father and loved ones that are greatly missed. I feel I can have closure knowing my father is ok, he is with loved ones and doing what he loves most, fishing in his big boat. :)
My heart is full.

It was an amazing experience, and one I would gladly do again.

Thank you Kirstin.

Katrina Majer
t, NY

This is the first experience I've had that a reading has been so accurate. I've had other readings, but there is absolutely no comparison to the reading I had with Kirstin. She couldn't possibly have known what she knew. It was very satisfying and comforting. Kirstin comes from a place of right intention. My gut told me right away that she was a good person. The most surprising part was when she started giving me messages from my pets who had passed, including their names and personalities. Now that I've had the best, there's no point in going to anyone else. She is completely genuine.

Lynn W.

Northridge, CA

Before my reading, I was apprehensive.  When Kirstin first began to speak to me, I felt very much at ease.  I remember thinking to myself, "This is going to be good!"   Kirstin has great sensitivity and heightened awareness.  I was amazed by her ability to be so accurate and knowledgeable about significant people and events in my life.  She talked about things that no one else would even know about.  The reading was very uplifting and I felt very peaceful and excited about all I heard during this new experience.  Kirstin also talked about how amethyst would be healing for me.  I picked up a magazine the next day and there was a beautiful amethyst necklace.  I bought it and have been wearing it ever since.  I will definitely return for another reading!

Ann U.

Chatsworth, CA

Kirstin Ross is a gifted woman.  I went into my reading with doubt and came out with a full heart.  I got answers to questions I didn't even realize I had.  I laughed.  I cried.  I have a feeling of healing and a knowing that I am never alone.  I recommend Kirstin Ross.  She is gentle and kind and her compassion is other-worldly.

Tracy Aldridge

Venice, CA

I was blown away by my reading with Kirstin.  She knew details about my relatives that identified their distinct personalities.  It was so comforting to know that my parents acknowledged my actions since their passing.  Kirstin created a comfortable and warm environment that made me feel as if I was having a conversation with an old friend.  I left the reading knowing that my loved ones are still with me and watching over me.

Suzi MacDonald

Sherman Oaks, CA

My sessions with Kirstin have given me a completely new perspective on my own life and the afterlife. Kirstin helped me communicate with a close friend of mine who passed away after a long illness. Her reading was incredibly accurate. Through Kirstin, I got to have that last conversation with my friend in order to get closure and peace. Since then, she has done several more readings for me and we communicated with my grandparents and other relatives. She described all my grandmother's hobbies perfectly, painted a picture of her existence in the afterlife, and even conveyed some messages from my grandparents about the past, present, and future. It truly is a life-changing experience! Kirstin is professional, patient, and insightful, and she creates a comfortable environment to communicate with loved ones. It is such a comfort knowing that my friends and relatives are in a happier place. Thank you Kirstin!

Jennifer M.

Highland Park, CA

Kirstin is a truly special and gifted medium.  She is able to connect and communicate messages from those who have passed with amazing clarity.  I felt my dad talking to me through her.  It brought so much healing to me.  He said exactly what I needed to hear.  I truly feel the love around me now.  Her reading has been an amazing gift to me.

Lisa Miner

Santa Monica, CA

I was honestly blown away by my reading with Kirstin! The various deceased members of my family were contacted and the 7 that spoke to her sent messages that were exactly the way they would have spoken to me while they were alive. I was a bit freaked out because Kirstin did represent their style of speaking and tempo and their attitudes and their quirky ways perfectly. The words she conveyed were all answers to questions I could only secretly express to myself. I had the good fortune to have reached closure with all my departed except one, my maternal grandfather.  I had had only brief encounters with him because he lived so far away in Montana and I rarely got to visit. He had 20-plus grandchildren and I was in 7th grade when he died. My mother and aunts told me for years that I was one of his 2 favorites. Kirstin's reading touched me deeply as this notion that I was his favorite was confirmed. She pinpointed where he was from and details about him that I confirmed the following week with my aunt in Wyoming (his last living child of 8).

What my deceased brother had to say also gripped my soul.  He died a tragic death from AIDS at 41. He had her tell me what a great time he'd had and that he had no regrets.  This too was a welcome discovery. My deceased husband also was depicted with his very unique personality and his promise to watch over my grandson, who was born 2 weeks after he died in 2007.  This idea of him watching out for Dillon also was something I had sort of felt, and Kirstin confirmed that he was on top of it. I don't really have regrets with any of the people she contacted.  I really enjoyed hearing from them and knowing they are enjoying themselves. I highly recommend hiring Kirstin for a reading. This is unlike anything else I have ever experienced.  I feel there is so much more to uncover so I am going back for more!

Deborah Downey

Camino, CA