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Mediumship, Intuitive, Combination and Group readings and Mentoring

In a Mediumship reading, I connect you with your loved ones who have passed, including pets. Information comes through regarding details of their lives, your life, memories, names, and dates. All readings can be done in person or over the phone. There is no difference in the connection.

In an Intuitive reading, I connect with my guides and give you information regarding your life. Information can come through regarding your past, present and future. You are welcome to ask questions as well.

In a Combination reading, I receive information regarding your loves ones who have passed, and I also connect with my guides and receive information about your life.  This is only available in a one hour appointment.

As a Mentor, I guide you in your journey to explore your intuition, psychic abilities and/or mediumship abilities. Whether you want to learn to trust your "gut feelings" or you want to become a professional, the support, guidance and direction of a mentor is so important.  

During Public Group Readings and Private Group Readings I provide attendees with information from their loved in Spirit, including specific details about how they passed, memories, names, dates, and sometimes even beloved pets come through. Spirit may also provide specific information about your life and what you are going through.

In Public Speaking, I cover topics such as trusting your innate intuition and psychic abilities, communicating with Spirit, and how to have successful and healthy love relationships. I also have experience working with the bereaved and with recovering addicts and alcoholics. Due to my personal evolution, my public speaking events are filled with humor and a unique perspective on life and life after life. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

I also offer Gift Certificates for readings.

What I do: 

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