Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Kirstin Ross


Spiritual Medium Kirstin Ross

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Mediumship (People or Pets!), Intuitive or
Combination Reading  
By Phone or In Person 

One hour    $120

Half hour     $65

One-on-One Mentoring for Psychic and Mediumship Development 
By Phone or In Person

One hour   $80

Half hour   $45

Photo Analysis

Email me a photograph or photographs of a person and I will give you information from my guides.  This is NOT a mediumship reading.  It is for you to find out information about someone who is living.  My response will be within 5 days and will be at least one paragraph. 

Private Group Reading

This can be in your home or office or at my office.  I will connect with your loved ones in Spirit and give you specific and detailed messages.  There will be no doubt that you are connecting with your loved ones!  This is a wonderful way for family and friends to come together and receive messages.  I also do Pet Mediumship groups!

$60 per person - 

Minimum of 5 people