Spiritual Medium Kirstin Ross

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I am a spiritual medium and intuitive.  I offer one to one and small group readings in person and by phone.  There is no difference in the connection.  You will receive information regarding your loved ones' names, birthdays, anniversaries, memories, and information regarding current and future events.

Mediumship (People or Pets!), Intuitive or Combination Reading By Phone or In Person

One hour    $120

Half hour     $65

One-on-One Mentoring for Psychic and Mediumship Development 
By Phone or In Person

One hour   $80

Half hour   $45

15 Minute Intuitive
Reading by Phone

15 minutes   $35


This can be in your home or office or at my office.  I will connect with your loved ones in Spirit and give you specific and detailed messages.  There will be no doubt that you are connecting with your loved ones!  This is a wonderful way for family and friends to come together and receive messages.  I also do Pet Mediumship groups!  Our fur babies communicate from Spirit as well.

$60 per person - 

Minimum of 5 people

Gift certificates are available.

Space Clearing

I assess your home or office space and clear it of any negative or unproductive energy using prayer, sage, palo santo, and sound vibration.  Energy can affect our health and well-being, especially where we spend the majority of our time.  It is important to clear not only physical clutter from our lives, but energetic clutter as well. Price includes my travel costs, and my time with you begins once I've arrived at your home or office space.

$250 for 1 hour

$50 each additional 30 minutes

Public Speaking

I cover topics such as trusting your innate intuition and psychic abilities, communicating with Spirit, and how to have successful and healthy love relationships.  I also have experience working with the bereaved and with recovering addicts and alcoholics.  Due to my personal evolution, my public speaking events are filled with humor and a unique perspective on life and life after life.  Please feel free to contact me for more information.  I also do charity events.