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I am a spiritual medium, intuitive and mentor. I offer one to one and small group readings in person and by phone. There is no difference in the connection. You will receive information regarding your loved ones' names, birthdays, anniversaries, memories, and information regarding current and future events. Sometimes even pets come through from the other side. 

Mediumship, intuitive or Combination reading by phone or in person.

Mediumship, Intuitive or Combination Reading By Phone or In Person

One hour $175

Half hour $95

Mentoring for psychic and mediumship development or spiritual counseling by phone or in person.

One-on-One Mentoring for Psychic and Mediumship Development or 

Spiritual Counseling

By Phone or In Person

One hour $105
Half hour $60

Intuitive Reading by phone

15 Minute Intuitive

Reading by Phone

15 minutes $50

Group reading in person in your home or office.  I connect with your loved ones in Spirit.

This can be in your home or office.  I will connect with your loved ones in Spirit and give you messages.  There will be no doubt that you are connecting with your loved ones! This is a wonderful way for family, friends or co-workers to come together and receive messages.  A group reading is 2 hours.  You can add people for $80 per person.  If you have more than 7 people, contact me for special pricing.  If you would like to book an evening group, please call me at 310-490-7424 to make arrangements.

Includes up to

 5 people


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