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3 Ways That Our Loved Ones in Spirit Connect with us

Spirit contact can be very subtle. It takes awareness and practice to know when you have a visitor from Spirit. The most important aspect is to have an open mind and an open heart. It is okay to be skeptical, but if you are cynical, it can hinder your ability to perceive and receive messages from Spirit.

1. Electricity - One way Spirit comes through is electricity. Lights will blink, televisions will turn on and off, and cell phones will ring, sometimes showing the contact name of the person who is on the other side.

2. Names and Numbers - Spirit will show us specific names or numbers that relate to our loved one, they will call our attention to license plates that have their name (see my personal story at the end), or they will call our attention to a billboard or sign that has their name.

3. Animals - Spirit has specific animals show up when we are thinking of them. It can be a bird or a butterfly that is persistently nearby or seems to be following you. It can also be an animal that has the same name as your loved one or a specific breed that keeps showing up and is connected with your loved one.

One connection with Spirit I will never forget happened over 15 years ago when Ronny and I were on the 405 taking a trip to San Diego. I told him that I felt his father was in the car with us. He didn't take much notice of my announcement, so his father (whom I never met) asked me to tell him that since he didn't believe me, he was going to send him a sign. I told him this, and proceeded to look out the window at the passing cars. Within a few minutes, I noticed a white Corvette drive by and my attention was drawn to the license plate, which said FELIPE. I poked Ronny and told him to look at the license plate. He looked over and said, "Holy sh*t!" Felipe was his dad's name. Ever since that day, he has believed in my ability to connect with Spirit.


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