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Psychic Amnesia

When you decide to get a reading, there are feelings of hope, fear, nervousness, excitement and even skepticism. These feelings are very normal, especially if you are getting a reading for the first time.

Psychic amnesia is the term mediums use when during a reading, a client forgets important information about their own life or the lives of their loved ones. For instance, if I ask someone if they know who Charlie is and they say no, then 10 minutes into the reading they remember that Charlie is their uncle who passed away several years ago.

Receiving a reading can be overwhelming, and it can take time to process all of the information. This is why I encourage people to record their readings or take notes. I have had clients contact me after a reading and affirm things that were said during the reading that they did not understand at the time. Sometimes they have to check with their family after the reading to confirm information.

Mediumship is a three-way conversation between me, you and Spirit. It is important to be open during a reading and to let your loved ones in Spirit come through in their own time. For instance, if someone was very loud, talkative, or pushy, they may come through first. This can be frustrating when you long to hear from someone who was a bit quieter or polite. Just be patient and they will come through.

If you don't immediately recognize information being shared, it can be because you are set on receiving a specific word or message. Spirit wants to communicate with you as much as you want to hear from them. I find that if you can relax and let Spirit come through in their own way and pace, you will be more open to the messages being shared. I also find that Spirit talks about you and other people who are still here. Sometimes Spirit will give me the names of 5 of your cousins. They just want you to know that they are still with you and are still a part of your life.

The best way to receive a great reading is to try to keep an open mind and release your fears before your reading. Trust that you will get the information that you are supposed to get at this time. It is best to be alert and sober and, most of all, to relax and enjoy the beautiful experience of Spirit communication.


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