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The Hygienist

One day I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned. As the hygienist was working on my teeth, I started hearing a name over and over. I don't usually get information for people outside of readings, but the name was so strong and persistent that I decided to ask the hygienist if she knew what I did for a living. She said that she did. I asked her if she was open to receiving a message from someone in Spirit and she was very eager to hear it. As soon as I said there was a young man wanting to connect with her and told her the name, she started crying. A dear friend of hers had passed away in a car accident. He said some personal things to her and asked her to pass on messages to his family.

I apologized for making her cry, but she was very happy to receive the message. I generally don't remember my readings, but when something unusual like this happens, I remember certain details.

Because I do readings full time, I'm generally not open when not doing readings, but if Spirit really wants to get through, I'll deliver the message!


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