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Tips from a Spiritual Medium

Self care is essential to working as a spiritual medium and intuitive. If I am overgiving or overworking, I am out of balance. For me, balance is key to being an effective medium. As a spiritual medium and psychic/intuitive, if I don't take care of myself, I can't help anyone else. Your loved ones in Spirit use my body, mind, heart and soul to deliver messages to you. I have to be in a relaxed and positive frame of mind to do readings. Therefore, I rarely expose myself to negative people or situations, including the news. I have a general idea of what's going on in the world, but I don't dwell on the bad news. I need to keep an open mind and an open heart in my work, and being a sensitive person and opening up in this way is easier if I am in the moment and not in a worried state of mind.

When I am doing a reading, I am dealing with people's grief and other emotions. I have to keep my energy balanced to maintain a loving and peaceful frame of mind to be the best vessel for the messages from your loved ones in Spirit and my guides. I meditate before every reading and I receive informatoin through my senses. I tune in to your loved ones in Spirit for mediumship and my guides for psychic/intuitive readings. They communicate in signs and symbols, words and feelings. I hear, see, feel and know things. I believe that your loved ones in Spirit are always trying to communicate something meaningful to them. Spirit never wastes a thought.

If you are thinking about getting a reading, remember to come to the reading with an open mind and heart. It is a three-way converation between me, you and Spirit. You are part of the equation. As a medium, I am still human, and I can be affected by people's energy. It's okay to be skeptical, as long as you're not negative or cynical. Having an attitude of trust and faith in the process will ensure a good reading experience.

I am located in the San Fernando valley in Los Angeles County, but I do most of my readings by phone all over the world. Your loved ones in Spirit are connected to you. I'm just the telephone. I am also fairly fluent in Spanish. I have done readings in Spanish. It doesn't matter what language someone spoke before they passed. Spirit can communicate in any language through signs, symbols, words and feelings that are familiar to me. The langaguage of Spirit is universal. I hope these tips from a spiritual medium and psychic intuitive will help you to have the best possible reading experience.


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