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A Hair Raising Experience!

Last month, I went with Ronny to the Ventura County Fair. We walked around all day, and on our way out I wanted to stop at a booth that was selling massagers. I sat in a chair and put my feet onto a foot massaging unit. As I relaxed, the man in the booth brought a hand-held massager to me and he started massaging my neck and shoulders. Then he put the massager on my head. My hair immediately got tangled in the unit and I felt my hair being pulled. He quickly turned off the massager. My hair was wrapped around the device all the way up to my scalp! His girlfriend came over and started to try to untangle my hair from the unit. As the man held the massager close to my head, she worked on getting my hair out of the unit. She was very reassuring and told me to just relax and she would take care of it. After about 5 minutes, she said she was going to have to take each hair out strand by strand. There was no other way that it was going to come out.

That's when it happened. I started to hear a man's name over and over again. I sat there with both of them over me, one holding the unit close to my scalp and the other pulling my hair out strand by strand. After several minutes of hearing this man's name, I told the lady that I was a medium and asked her if she would be open to hearing a message. She said that she was. I gave her the name of a man and she gasped. She wanted me to tell her more. I asked my guides and Spirit for further information. As she worked on my hair, I mentioned names, memories, and medical issues that people in her family and her boyfriend's family were having. By this time, she was crying happy tears of joy. I had connected her with her birth father and other family members. I also connected her boyfriend with his mother and other family members. After about 45 minutes, she finished untangling my hair from the unit and I was free to go.

She mentioned that she thought Spirit kept me there so that they could get a reading. I agreed. This is my life nowadays. Spirit puts people in my life that they want me help, and I am happy to oblige. Although this situation was a bit painful for me, I have no regrets. I work for Spirit, and they lead me to people and situations where I can be of service. I am happy to say that I still have plenty of hair and I am glad that I met that lovely couple.


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