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Guides and Angels

We all have guides and angels. Guides are people in spirit who have lived on the earth. They have experienced life and want to share their experience and lessons to help us to learn and grow. The more we are aware of our guides, the more we can benefit from their guidance and experience. 

The way I first became aware of my guides was through meditation. I wrote down a question for my guides and then I got quiet. Every time my mind would wander, I would go back to the question.

My first question to my guides was, "Who are you?" During my meditation, I started to see, hear, feel and know things. They showed me who they are. After my  meditation, I wrote down the answer, without thinking or editing. This included names, faces, and information about their purpose in my life. When connecting with your guides, the answer might be 2 sentences or it could be 6 pages. Each time will be different.

When I felt finished, I put down the pen. I dated each page and I still have those notebooks all these years later. When I looked back on my questions and answers earlier this year, I saw that every question was answered clearly and accurately by my guides.

Angels are heavenly beings who have not lived on the earth in human form. We all have at least one angel who is assigned to us at birth. They are here to protect us and help us to connect us with our higher self. Our angels intervene if we ask them for help, or in special circumstances, such as protecting us from serious injury or death in a car accident.

Your guides and angels are here for you when you need them. If you want to connect with them, get a notebook and a pen and start by writing down a question and getting quiet and see where it takes you. If you have questions about connecting with your guides and angels or your loved ones in Spirit, feel free to contact me.


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