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Love and Connection

Connecting with Spirit is all about love and connection. When your loved one passes from the physical to the spiritual form, their soul never dies. It just changes form. They are still able to communicate with you.

The language of Spirit is universal. It doesn't matter what language they spoke. They use signs, symbols, words and feelings to communicate messages. For example, they may tell me their name, they may give me a feeling of how they passed, they may show me that you have their ashes by their picture, and that you were holding their hand when they passed. They may also give me feelings to indicate their personality. All of the information given is so you recognize that it is your loved one who is communicating.

There is no limit to the information that Spirit can provide. They have the helicopter view of the past, present and future. They can talk about memories, things that have happened since they passed, and things that haven't happened yet, like weddings or pregnancies.

The most important thing to know is that Spirit is in charge of the communication. As a medium, I am just the telephone, passing on the information that Spirit wants to share with you at that time. There is nothing negative or scary that happens in a reading. It is all about love and connection.

You don't always need a medium to connect with your loved ones in Spirit, although sometimes it's nice to get that confirmation. However, you can connect with them yourself. They want to communicate with you as much as you want to communicate with them. Pay attention to signs you get. You may hear your name being called, you may start seeing feathers or coins in random places, you may hear a song on the radio and get chills, you may just feel them around you. I like to say the more you believe, the more you'll receive. Just open your mind and heart and ask them for signs and to communicate with you.

If you would like to learn more about connecting with your loved ones in Spirit or how to connect with Spirit yourself, go to and get more information or book a reading. You can also email me at and I am happy to answer questions.


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