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Manifesting in the New Year

The start of a new year is an opportunity for a fresh start. I take all the lessons I have learned and move forward with an attitude of faith and expectancy. I make a list of all the things that I want to manifest in the new year. Some are short-term goals and some are long-term goals, but I try to be as specific as possible. The more specific I can be in describing my goal, the more my subconscious mind sees it as a reality. I have been studying the Law of Attraction (LOA) and manifestation for many years and it works. I start with an idea or aspiration, then I write it down and think about what it will be like and feel like to have it in my life. Then I let go of the outcome and I know the universe is taking care of it.

I revisit my goals and aspirations every once in a while, and the beginning of a new year is a perfect time to redo my list. Some of my goals and aspirations may have changed, and others have manifested. There is always something to aspire to. This does not have to be anything material. It can be peace of mind, connection with friends and family and better health. These are important things that should not be overlooked. I put those at the top of my list and the material things, like a new house or car, after that.

If you have any questions about manifesting or connecting with your loved ones in Spirit, please feel free to contact me. I am always happy to help.

I wish you health, peace and prosperity.

Kirstin xo

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