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What's the Difference between Mediumship and Intuitive Readings?

I get asked about the difference between mediumship and intuitive/psychic readings all the time. Here is some information to help you decide what kind of reading you really want.

In a Mediumship reading, I connect you with your loved ones in Spirit. Even though there is usually one person that people have in mind whom they want to connect with when they schedule a reading, there are typically several people who come through in every reading. It is usually the person with the strongest energy, meaning that they are forward, pushy, or just simply outgoing. This would be their personality when they were in their physical body. When I feel or hear your mom coming through loud and clear, but you really want to hear from your spouse, I will deliver a quick message from her so that I can connect with your spouse. You will almost always hear from the person you are hoping to, but you will hear from others as well, including pets. I also offer Pet Mediumship, where I focus on your fur babies who have passed.

In an Intuitive reading, I connect with my guides and they give me information about you and your life. This information is usually a combination of your personal life, your career, and your soul's journey. An intuitive reading can be deeply personal about what you have been through, what you are going through, and what lies ahead. You are also welcome to ask specific questions during your reading.

In a Combination reading, I open myself up to my guides and to the Spirit world, so that you get to communicate with your loved ones in Spirit and you get information about your life path as well. Combination readings are hour-long readings, so that we have enough time to fully delve into your life and to communicate with your loved ones in Spirit.

I do most of my readings by phone all over the country and in Canada. There is no difference in the connection. However, if you are in the San Fernando Valley, I welcome you to come and see me in person. It is an absolute honor to be of service to people and to work for Spirit in this way.

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