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Earth School

Some of us, maybe many of us, grew up in difficult circumstances, whether it be divorce, addiction in the family, or other dysfunction in our homes. I have spent most of my adult life working on myself spiritually to ovecome some early challenges and to help others. I know that the childhood trauma I survived makes me who I am.

It's interesting that many of us who had early difficulties can be more sensitive to other people's pain, probably because we have felt it ourselves and we are attuned to other people's needs, sometimes more than our own.

You're not alone in your journey. Many people hae felt the same way you feel and have gone through similar circumstances. I have benefited from self help, therapy, like-minded friends, studying and getting out of my own way. So much is stored in our minds and hearts that it can be hard to turn it off and feel at peace.

Meditation, or getting quiet, is one way I bring myself back to a state of peace. You can start with one minute. You don't have to sit for half an hour in the lotus position to feel peace. I believe in taking baby steps and being gentle with myself. That works best for me.

Whatever healing and help work for you, I applaud your healing journey. "Earth school" is not easy, but there is help along the way. We have to look for it and do the work, meaning put into practice the tools we are learning. Old habits die hard, but once you start growing you will feel better. I don't have to be a victim of my past, and neither do you.

I wish you health, happiness, peace of mind and prosperity.

Kirstin xo


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