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Pets In Spirit

When I am doing a mediumship reading, I usually communicate with people in Spirit. However, sometimes pets in spirit come through as well. I've communicated with dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, horses and even a pet raccoon.

I have done many readings in which I hear names and it turns out to be pets in Spirit. Recently I was doing a group reading and I saw a dog's saggy jowls and a prominent underbite and I saw the letter A. She also showed me that her mom has her pawprint. It turned out to be a boxer in Spirit named Abby.

In another group reading a few years ago, I was connecting with a woman's loved ones in Spirit, and I saw a raccoon. I told her I saw a raccoon and to my surprise, she told me that she had a pet raccoon when she was a child. Later she texted me a picture of her with her pet raccoon sitting on her shoulder with a collar and leash.

Love is the energy that keeps us connected with our loved ones in Spirit, including pets. Love never dies, it just changes from the physical to the spiritual form. You don't always need a medium to communicate with your loved ones in Spirit. They want to connect with you, and they will send you signs. The more you pay attention to these signs, the more you'll notice.

Our pets in Spirit can send us amazing signs. You may hear their tags tinkling, you may smell them, or you may hear their toenails clicking on the wood floor. They will call your attention to something that you may not have noticed otherwise, like their name on a license plate. I encourage you to trust that your loved ones, including pets, are still with you and are reaching out to connect with you to let you know that they're still by your side.


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