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Visiting Hours with Spirit

As a spiritual medium and intuitive, I am a voice for your loved ones in Spirit. I provide visiting hours with your loved ones in Spirit to be able to communicate with you. I also do intuitive readings during which I connect with my guides and they give me information about you and your life.

Before every mediumship reading, I open up to your loved ones in Spirit through meditation. People ask me if I'm constantly bombarded with messages from Spirit. The answer is no. As a full-time medium, I have learned to turn it on and off. Otherwise, it would be exhausting.

When I first started opening up to Spirit, one night I couldn't sleep because when I closed my eyes, I started seeing hundreds of faces. I wasn't afraid. I knew that these were people who wanted to connect with their loved ones here in the physical world.

I called my mentor the next day and told her that I couldn't sleep. She told me to politely and respectfully ask them to come to me only when I could help someone. They never kept me awake again.

Being a medium is a privilege. I am always working on being the best possible interpreter for Spirit that I can be. I never stop learning from Spirit.

Whether you are wanting to connect with your loved ones in Spirit or receive information from my guides about you and your life, I am happy to be of service and proivde visiting hours with your loved ones in Spirit.

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